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October 05, 2021

Is Your Home Ready for Fall?

With the days getting shorter and nights colder, we can officially say that Autumn has descended upon us. Before you know it, the green luscious leaves will be turning into beautiful shades of browns, reds, yellows and oranges and we’ll be indulging in hot pumpkin spiced lattes with pumpkin pies.

While this change of season does not mean a complete overhaul of decor, we hope our suggestions below will give you some autumn interior inspiration for your home. Let's fall (get it?) straight into the ways of making your homes Autumn ready, shall we? Interior design involves a lot of colours, textures and layers, so it is no surprise that you'll see each of these elements in our guide below. 

1. Spicy Autumn Palettes

We all know the usual colours of autumn and according to Pinterest, we have a new winner this season - deep forest green, incorporate this dark rich green on your feature wall, couches, cushion covers, bed linens or rugs and layer them with touches of terracotta or burnt orange, amber and scarlet red et voilà - you have the perfect warm autumnal colour schemes within your home. Colour can transform your not only your space, but also your mood and sometimes, bolder could be better!

Don't miss out on our burnt orange lounge chair and footstool. They came and went in a blink of an eye, with two remaining pieces of each at the time of writing and more to come in January 2022.

2. Throws and Rugs

Throws and rugs not only provide you warmth physically, they are easy and affordable items to add to or swap out with your existing accessories and decors. Change up your throws, rugs and cushions covers with those of different textures and colours and you will see your space transformed instantly.

We love accessorising with rugs because they are so versatile - you can hang it, lay it, layer it or run away with it (we mean floor runners). These woolly wonders are wonderful for creating harmony, texture, pattern, colour and ultimately a cosy lived-in feel to your home and more importantly adds charm and personality to your space.

Pictured above is our Jaipur Handspun Jute Rug with Orange Centre in 120x120cm.

3. Linen, Jute and Rattan

Linen, jute and rattan are three very on-trend material choices in 2021. While they are on our mood boards all year round, they are beautiful and comforting textures to add to your homes to emulate the coziness of autumn. You don't need to invest a lot to embrace this trend, decorative objects like rattan baskets, servings trays, mirrors or just a quick changeover of linen table cloths can have a big impact.

Pictured above are the Divaar Room Divider and the Mera Armchair, both by Kam Ce Kam.

 4. Bring the Outdoors Inside

As we ease ourselves into colder months, we bring the outdoors in with us by including nature inspired interiors like live, dried or artificial plants into our indoor space. Being surrounded by nature is a remedy to better mental health, studies have shown that it lifts our mood and eases stress.

There are so many spaces in the home that you can accessorise with plants and foliage. Our pampas grass stems are such a staple home decor this year and you'd be surprised how adding these fluffy beauties to your space changes up the feel of it. If you're looking to snap some pampas up, be quick because we only have the oatmeal and taupe grey left!

Another dimension to bringing the outdoors inside is using more natural elements like wood, bamboo, rattan, wool, linen and cotton in your furniture and home decor.

Pictured above are our Autumn Fern Stem and Loft Collection Round Tables. Check out our range of dried plants and artificial foliage here.

rustic english countryside interior

5. Warm Earthy Neutral Hues

Think farmhouse style reminiscent of English cottages. Brown, tan, beige, cream and warm white are the colours that can never wrong in our eyes because let's be honest, neutral colours never really go out of style. This combination of colours give off a natural rustic autumnal vibe and you can pair these warm neutrals with dark wood or leather details for a pop of contrast and character.

Along with linen, jute and rattan, these colour schemes are our go-to for just about every season but this season, we would like to add peachy pink into our list to provide a refreshing contrast when paired with darker tones.

Don't forget to incorporate these warm earthy hues into your furniture too and we have just the perfect dining table handcrafted from reclaimed cedar wood to bring you the English farmhouse feel. 


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