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How Much Fuel Do I Need for My Bioethanol Fireplace?

How Long Will Bioethanol Fuel Burn for?

Burn times vary depending on the EcoSmart Fire Burner used and the ambient conditions. As a general rule of thumb, e-NRG will burn at a rate of approximately 1 quart (1L) every 1-2 hours. On average, 5 litres of e-NRG bioethanol fuel provides 6-14 hours of fireplace use.

Home Usage in Moderate Climate

The average household in a moderate climate uses their fireplace twice per week for two hours at a time (16 total hours per month).

Recommendation : 20 litres/month

Home Usage in Cold Climate

The average household in colder climate or during the winter season, usage of fireplace is approximately five times per week for two hours at a time (40 hours per month).

Recommendation : 40 litres/month

Commercial Use

For commercial environments that operate their fireplaces for up to four hours daily, everyday.

Recommendation : 80 litres/fireplace/month*

Additional Information

e-NRG Shelf Life
The shelf life of e-NRG is 3 years, if kept in a tightly sealed container and in a cool, dry place of approximately 20°C.

*Each carton of e-NRG contains 20L of bioethanol fuel packaged in four 5L bottles. e-NRG does not manufacture fuel in 1L bottles, only 5L bottles are supplied for safety reasons.

Salty Casa supplies 2 cartons (40L) of free e-NRG bioethanol fuel, RRP £130 with every purchase of EcoSmart Fire Bioethanol Fire Pit, Fireplace or Fire Table. Require more fuel? Purchase here.

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