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How To Select Your Flex Fireplace in 3 Simple Steps

Customising your Flex Fireplace is as easy as 1-2-3

With over 200 configurations, the Flex Series Fireplace Inserts offer homeowners, interior designers, architects, builders, and landscapers endless design flexibility and installation freedom. Click here to download the full guide on how to select your Flex Fireplace or watch the video below.

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Fireplace Style Guide

Bay - A highly sought after style, it is designed for single-room installation and features three open sides that enable the hypnotic flame to be viewed from the front and both left and right sides, providing an alluring focal point from multiple vantage points.

Single SidedSpecifically designed for a single room application, it is traditional in concept, but modern in materials and clean linear lines, the Flex Single Sided Fireplace features one open side enabling the flame to be viewed from the front, creating a striking focal point.

Left or Right CornerDesigned for single room installation, the Flex Left or Right Corner Fireplace Insert features two open sides. The transparent glass on the open corner enables the flame to be viewed from the front and the left or right corner, acting as a centerpiece from one perspective of the room and an accent from another.

Peninsula - With three open sides, the Flex Peninsula Fireplace is designed as a room divider, it features three open sides, enabling the mesmerising flame to be viewed from any direction - the front, back and open side. The perfect solution to heating multiple rooms and dividing open floor plans.

Double Sided - With two open sides, the Flex Double Sided Fireplace features two open sides, dividing the space of a room while sustaining unobstructed views of the flickering flame from the front and the back, infusing warmth and ambiance into two adjacent rooms.

IslandThe Flex Island fireplace insert is designed as a room divider, with four open sides enabling the hypnotic flame to be viewed from the front, back, left and right sides creating the appearance of a floating flame and dramatic visual impact. The Island models come with a base component that holds the burner and a top component that lines the bulkhead above.

Bench - Designed as a room divider or stunning centrepiece with all open, the entire viewing area of Bench is dedicated to the flame, creating a mesmerising and harmonious blend of the traditional fire pit and contemporary fire design.


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