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Rattan Chic General Care and Maintenance Guide

Please read the following carefully. In this guide, you will discover practical tips to ensure the longevity and continued beauty of your possessions. By following these guidelines, you'll be equipped to preserve the quality and functionality of your items for years to come.


We advise that fabrics that are marked as washable be washed at 30°C and a low spin.

There are three fabric categories:

Category 'B' fabrics are generally machine washable apart from the Boucle Latte, Velvet (Green, Blue, Blush) and Floral fabrics (Blossom, Monet, Mulberry).
Category 'C' are Chenille fabrics where only Artisan Plain and Artisan Sketch are machine washable. The rest of Fabric C should be dry-cleaned only.
Category 'D' are premium stain resistant fabrics. They are Aqua Clean fabrics with an inherent technology that allows the toughest of stains to be removed by simply using water and a cloth. They are also machine washable, up to 30°C. Not only this, it also contains SAFE FRONT® which protects as standard against enveloped viruses and bacteria, effectively reducing its activity by more than 91% against untreated fabrics. This shield maintains optimal levels of hygiene on your sofa by acting permanently

All fabrics will fade if subjected to continuous direct sunlight. To minimise this effect, fitted blinds should be used where appropriate, and the upholstery should be rotated at regular intervals. The care label instructions for all washable fabric should be adhered to - if a label is not in evidence, please enquire for clarification. 

Please note that there will be cushion piping added to the back and seat cushions for all materials with the exception of striped or chequered fabrics (ie.: Linen Taupe, Alpine, Athena Stripe, Loom Stripe, Yang, Pimlico Heather, Highland, Duke stripe in both grey and beige).


Prices for tables include the appropriate illustrated top. All glass is supplied to conform with relevant BS UK Standards.


All natural materials (including cane, rattan, woven grasses and woods) will fade or have a possibility of cracking if exposed to direct sunlight. Regular cleansing with a general soap and water solution is recommended for cane and rattan furniture, and a multi-purpose furniture cleaner for wooden items.


Care should be taken with all wooden items to guard against scratching and scouring by adequately protecting surfaces.

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