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July 14, 2022

6 Ways to Elevate Your Outdoor Garden Space

Now comes the time you catch yourself wishing you're outdoors in your garden or in a pub when you're sat in front of your computer in your office or home office. From sipping on refreshing cocktails and whipping out our barbeque every chance we get, it is safe to say that there are a fair few things we enjoy doing outdoors.

In the words of plant expert, designer to the rich and famous and head gardener of petersham nurseries - Rosie Bines, it is very important to consider the view of your garden from inside of the house, especially in England, when it is not possible to always be outdoors. As warmer days approach, we are making sure that our gardens and patios are summer ready and we would like to share seven tips of how you can instantly level up your outdoor lounging game and transform your outdoor space into a little sanctuary for all family get-togethers, game and movie nights. From sophisticated pieces of outdoor furniture to high-quality products of decor items, it is all here, along with some tips and tricks to help you aesthetically place them. 

How to Enhance Your Outdoor Lounge Space?

1. Outdoor Bar - Need We Say More?

Oh yes, you bet this is our first tip on our list! Having an outdoor bar instantly elevates your whole outdoor experience. Being able to make yourself a drink while you garden, read a book or entertain is sublime. The cost of building your own outdoor bar varies but doesn't have to cost an arm and leg - a basic bar from B&Q sets you back not much more than £400. The cost depends on whether or not you require a full fledge bar which includes a wet bar. While we appreciate not everyone has the luxury of real estate, we'd recommend an outdoor bar trolley for those lacking of space - one other selling point of a bar trolley? It can move with you wherever you go! 

2. Consider Adding a Rug to the Mix

One thing we won't ever understand is why people don't decorate their outdoor space with an outdoor rug more often. The Bermuda Triangle's got nothing on this mystery of life! It is unreal just how much of a difference placing a rug outdoor can make when it comes to elevating your garden patio. It immediately adds a welcoming vibe to an outdoor space while ensuring your decking remains protected. Let's also not forget how you can use a mat to set the foundation for any outdoor furniture and ground the space for it.

3. Don't Underestimate the Importance of Quality Outdoor Furniture

That brings us to our third tip: consider investing in high-quality and stylish pieces of outdoor furniture. From conversation sets to storage solutions, outdoor furniture sets boast both practical and aesthetical benefits. Don't know where to start? Well, these are some of the consideration you have to take into account when what are your outdoor needs - do you have a large family? Toddlers? Is your outdoor space shaded? What is your furnishing style? 

Garden furniture is not confined to the grey toned wicker style furniture sets you see in most of the store selling outdoor furniture. Spruce up your outdoor space with a modular piece like the Maggie Outdoor Modular Sofa Set where you can build your own shape of sofa. Modular sofas are ideal in accommodating anywhere from small to larger group of friends and family. Whatever you go for, make sure you're not compromising on durability or style. 

A sitting solution isn't all you should be going for though. We also recommend complementing your lounging set with a nice footrest, accent table or even a large dining set. You can place a decorative tray or vase on it to complete the look. Speaking of vases, you can also trim some clippings from your garden and add them to this vase for that organic feel.

4. Throw in Some Textiles

Your outdoor seating will be incomplete without an outdoor cushion or two for that added comfort. These cushions will also pack a huge cosy punch and give off a more inviting feel to your garden space. We recommend opting for neutral options when selecting the colour scheme of your garden, for an organic and relaxing feel. Or if you would like to add a pop of colour, you can also add a forest green or burnt orange and yellow-coloured cushions or throws into the mix to blend the colours of nature into your scheme. Good outdoor fabrics are resistant to water and oil and can generally be left out most of the time without much maintenance. Head on to our Instagram to check out a demonstration we did on the Sika Design water-resistant cushion covers we carry.

PS: It is also wise to flip the cushions occasionally to prevent any insects from making it their home.

5. A Little Greenery Won't Hurt Anyone

Plants really do hold the power to make or break any living space. In fact, they can enhance the entire "living part" as they purify the air around you and help you breathe better. Let's not forget the emotional benefits you can expect when surrounded by a little shrubbery. The tip here is to opt for big planters when decorating the corners and sides of your outdoor area. Small pots will be more than adequate to place on an accent table. If your backyard has a particularly plain-looking fence, you can breathe new life into it by hanging some planters from it. You can also paint these pots with bright colours to make a bold statement. The choices are literally limitless!

6. Let There Be Light (and Warmth)

While a parasol will solve your daytime woes, you'll also need something to illuminate your late-night backyard rendezvous. For this, we recommend mixing and matching different lighting solutions. Some of our favourites like an illuminated walkway and light-up water features don't cost an arm and leg. Or, you can also opt for an outdoor firepit or fire table to keep things toasty and illuminated for alfresco dining and late night wine and chats. These firepit tables serve as the perfect centrepieces for your patio and let's not forget just how inviting the beautiful dancing flames will make your backyard feel!

We could be biased, but we love the EcoSmart Fire range because they come in concrete or teak finishes to match your exterior designs, are made of high quality materials and most of all, are fueled by a renewable energy source - bioethanol fuel that provides cleaner burning with no smoke, no harmful emission, no ash and soot!

Wrapping it All Up

Elevating the aesthetics and practicality of your outdoor living space doesn't require a hefty investment or an expert sense of decor. We would recommend ditching the norms and cliches when decorating your outdoor area, instead, play around with the colours and the decoration pieces to give off a vibe that is truly yours. You might just be pleasantly surprised with the end result! 

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