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Sika-Design | Sustainably Handcrafted Rattan Furniture

Sika-Design is a Danish-owned family business currently operated by the third generation, Louise Andreas. The passion for rattan started back in 1942 when Ankjær Andreasen (Louise's grandfather) started producing baskets, lamps and flower tables in wicker and rattan.

As one of the world’s oldest and largest producers of rattan furniture, sustainability has always been a big part of Sika-Design’s DNA. The core material of the brand is rattan due to its sustainability. Rattan regenerates in 5-7 years and is the world’s second-fastest-growing material for furniture production. Unlike bamboo, rattan is not hollow which makes it extremely durable and strong. The wide selection of wicker and rattan furniture includes both Sika-Design’s own designs and iconic designs from renowned architects.

In addition to their extensive rattan furniture collection for indoor use, Sika-Design also recreated many of their iconic designs and more in weatherproof and maintenance-free AluRattan and ArtFibre, handpainted to look just like real rattan for their Exterior Collection so you can enjoy some of their classic pieces outdoors all year long. Along with the weather-resistant frames, the beautiful outdoor pieces can also be paired with quick-dry cushions to allow for the least amount of maintenance.