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Sika-Design Exterior | Olympia Nest Outdoor Lounge Chair

Olympia Nest Outdoor Lounge Chair in Natural by Sika-Design

The ultimate "love nest", perfect for warm snuggles on a brisk night under the stars and a superb addition to your outdoor oasis. Its unique and contemporary design makes it a statement piece, while the luxurious cushions provide ultimate comfort. Featuring a harmonious shape that compliments any garden or outdoor space, a fine open wicker and a beautifully curved back, the Olympia Nest Chair has a very elegant and aesthetic expression. 

What makes the Sika Design Exterior Collection great for your outdoor space?

The Exterior Collection by Sika-Design is made with weatherproof, powder-coated aluminium - Alu-Rattan and ArtFibre®. Alu-Rattan is a type of powder-coated aluminium that imitates rattan and its unique shaping capabilities, and the powder coating enables it to withstand high temperatures and hard wear while the ArtFibre® materials are artificial fibres made of maintenance-free polyethene that is UV and temperature resistant, as well as has a robust structure that can maintain its shape for many years. Each furniture piece in the Exterior Collection is handpainted to look just like natural rattan so you never have to compromise on style or durability.

In addition to the aluminium frame, the lounge chair can also be fitted with Quick Dry Foams in the seat, which comes in many varieties of durable fabric variants hand-sewn in Denmark. The foam cushions are made to order and specially designed as outdoor cushions that can drain water and maximize air circulation into a faster drying process. 

Lastly, the Italian Tempotest cushion fabrics are treated with a special type of finish. During the treatment process, the finish is deposited not only on the surface of the fabric but envelopes each individual fibre. This forms an impenetrable barrier without compromising the fabric's breathability. The HI-Clean finishing makes Tempotest fabrics water and oil-repellent. It is also rot-proof and immune to the formation of mold and fungus.

Maintenance is a breeze with Sika Design's exterior furniture, which does not require any upkeep. It's suitable for year-round outdoor use and is simple to clean. Use a mixture of mild soap and water for regular cleaning.

Additional Information

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Product Type Outdoor 2-Seater Lounge Chair
Colour Natural
Material Alu-Rattan & ArtFibre
Seat Cushion and Pillow
Sold Separately
Dimension H84cm x W140cm x D134cm
Seat Height 48cm
Lead Time Approximately 3-4 weeks

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